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planning 2016 party already

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planning 2016 party already but i do have a valid reason, this years party is being held at my friends house so i don't have to do much although i am helping her with decorations etc.

2016 the theme is going to be HARRY POTTER and WITCHES/WIZARDS. my mind has gone into over-drive all ready with all the options that i can do. i have started making lists and ideas of what i can do to the house.

i plan to empty my cupboard under the stairs and turn into Harrys bedroom as a photo booth, and also plan on mkaing a professor trelawney and divinations area with crystal ball and runes etc.

Hubby wont let me dress our youngest son (be 7 next year) as Dobby :( so does anyone have any ideas as to how i could make a life size Dobby? has anyone else done a Harry Potter themed party that they can link me to?


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Omgosh, we are actually skipping this year but 2016 is our Deathly Hallows party yay!!!! It's something we've been planning since 2013 and with the arrival on the new movie next year we figure it will b perfect timing.

Can't wait to see what you come up :)
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cool, maybe we can help each other and swap ideas etc. 1 of my friends thinks i'm mad for starting so early especially as not had 2015's yet. lol. BUT it gives me time to buy and make supplies - ebay has loads of jewellery type things - the HP house badges, time turners and snitches from 1p all from china but if i can get an assortment cheap enough they will do as game prizes or party bag bits (will have about 12-15kids in the house as well as adults).
I totally agree, plus it's a pretty hefty project so that much time is needed. I know we are doing the portrait walls, floating corpsed pumpkins, candles, etc. If I can im going to try and make the gargoyles to hold my flame cauldrons and a couple dementors. I started a thread back in 2013 that has some of my ideas, if memory serves me I posted a monster book how to on there and the gal that made it also made a Dobby and loads of other cool stuff...I believe her name was Katster on here.

Also if u go to pinterest, see signature, I have 2 HP boards...titled Halloween...Deathly hallows (tons of ideas and diys)...and the 2nd board Deathly Hallows 2 (has pictures I think will work for a portrait wall (some r HP others just similar styling).
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I keep getting sidetracked and working on my 2016 theme and I never finished last years! Yipes.
I love Harry Potter. I hope to do something like the Potions Room next year too.
i have made quite a few potion bottles, and added to here in the potion jars thread. the latest i'm working on is a dragons fire bottle. Last year we had party at mine and we turned it into a spiders lair with nests and spiders every where. everyone said it was great. i'm glad in a way that its going elsewhere this year so i have time to work on HP theme.

Hubby said to me about the portraits for up our stair wall, but i'm going to either have to paint them or get photos printed large to use as cant find any for sale (but it is still early in year). We are off to the UK Harry Potter studios in november and i plan on me, hubby and my 13yr old to be armed with cameras to get as many pics as we can.

I like the idea of a giant basalisk going round the ceiling and up the stairs (if dont use portraits) was thinking ladies tights stitched together toe to toe and stuffed with ? (not sure) but think the portraits be better.

will take a look at pinterest boards and other thread. thanks.
Oh I love the HP films just sooo much eye candy in there with all the decor. Can't wait to see what you do with this!
Big Harry poter fan here can not wait to see what u guys do
ooo, you guys need a Harry Potter thread, I know PrintersDevil is an HP nut also! Start a thread for Harry Potter and put all of your ideas on one. Would be great to see :)
does anyone have chocolate frog cards made up on a word doc etc? i can get the pictures for nearly every character off google but the writing that goes on reverse is not as easy to find. i have managed to find for 12 so far ad need at least 15 if not 18 as could have this many kids present!
I'd like to do a Harry Potter theme some year as well, but that's way in the future.

I usually reveal my next year's theme at my party after we finish trivia (party is tonight!) but I'm thinking I will let everyone vote on a theme for next year.

Originally I was going to do Victorian Vampire, but I think I will let my guests vote between that, Angels and Demons, Zombies or Vintage Halloween. Or if one of them has a better idea that I like. I'll whip up a quick little voting station :)
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