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plain pirates pub

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I could really use some advice. We are setting up a pirates pub in our garage and while the bar, the swaying skeletons and Bucky turned out great the rest looks blah. We have sectioned off different areas of the garage for the treasure room, and bedroom. They are really colorful and I think that is what I am having so much trouble with. We haven't added lighting yet. But if someone could take a look and see what you would add I would appreciate it.
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Well, maybe I don't have a good eye, but I don't see anything that even remotely looks blah. I think maybe you have just looked at it too long. Step away for a bit and then come back. My only suggestion would be some cobwebs perhaps. Lighting can do wonders so perhaps that is all you need.

Great job. THe bed is amazing!
I think it looks awesome. Maybe in the bar you could hang those cheescloth, shredded looking pirate flags, some fake chain, and some spooky cloth. I have also found that the beef tubing material works great for pirates. If you stretch it , criss cross it and put holes in it and a strobe light inside, it reminds me of a pirate ship sail.
I too would say add the cobwebs and light it up, you've done a great job! The two pirate corpses in the same bed....somewhat disturbing though I'm not quite sure why.
What is beef tubing? Where would I find it? Thanks for the feedback!
The bed scene is actually a female (she has a chest) captain and her mate. It is always a male captain, so we wanted to mix it up a little. Do you think only one pirate in the bed would be more acceptable? Ours is a family friendly display.
What is beef tubing? Where would I find it? Thanks for the feedback!
I think they meant beef netting.
I think it's great! I agree that spider webs might add to the feel, and maybe a little dust/dirt here and there. I love the detail.
I think it looks wonderful - once you get some lighting (and I'm assuming your going to light up the scenes with colored lights) it will look fantastic!

I wasn't able to tell that one of the pirates was a girl, but I just thought it was funny having two in bed. :D

It all looks great, tho! ( the person that is setting the scenes up always can find flaws...but your audience is going to be blown away!)
I agree with everyone else - it doesn't look blah - it looks really good! Perhaps on the back wall of the bar you could get a window frame and add a fake scene of some kind so it looks like you looking out the window towards a harbor or something? Or maybe take it one step farther and make the whole back wall a mural? It looks like you guys must be artists anyway so I'm sure you can do it.:)
Aaaargh matey!! Me thinks yer got nuthin to be shamed about with this here pirates bar!! Even eye can see with my one good eye that it's fit fer any sea-lubbing pirate to rest a peg leg whist guzzlin some fine spooky rum! Thinking like a salty sea dog - I could suggest some nautical brown rope trim along the bar if you really feel the need to dress it up. Maybe wrap a few rounds of the rope up a fireplace log and lean it against the base, like a pier post. Along with all the other great suggestions of webs, etc. this would be a cheap additional decor dress-up. Hunt for a cheap ships bell, and put out a bowl of Coconut Rum Punch (there's a non-alchohol version of rum flavoring ... if you are indeed keeping it family friendly) and pirate pals will be ringing your chimes all night long!! Now I want to know - how on earth do Halloween Forum folk find time to sleep! So many fantastic ideas.... so little time!! BOO!
I don't see anything blah either. What I do see is some very nice details! Love the sign on the bar and the bed! Oh and about the pirates in bed....nothing wrong with that. I would however consider turning the one female pirate into a wrench instead just to be sure no one thinks its two guys. Not that there's anything wrong with two guys lol Just not good for a family haunt.

Oops, I think it is beef netting. I couldn't remember what it was called.. Must be my age. I believe you can buy it on ebay, otherwise I am not sure. It is pretty cool when you stretch it and cut holes in it. If you google it I am sure you will see pictures of how it was used.
I think it looks fabulous. The only thing I'd add to the bar would be the typical back bar mirror, and I'd add some cobwebs too it. Your typical pirate bar wouldn't be clean, nor tidy, so cobwebs would be more or less expected, especially since the patrons are skeletons!
When can you come over to build my pirate bar? The detail of it is amazing. I agree with everyone else that the look is great. Family scene or not where is the rum? Maybe some empty crates and well placed empty rum bottles will fill any gaps.
Excellent job! Pirate pubs are a great idea. I'm adding a female pirate wench this year to my pirate pub, and I wondered myself what's too risqué for Halloween. I guess I shouldn't name her "yo, ho' "...
Very nicely done! Sorry I dont have any suggestions, the other members seem to have already covered pretty much anything that i would have added. I freakin LOVE the bar, way cool, I cant stop clicking on it and looking at it......
It looks really great! Such detail. OK, now I'm gonna be a prude and say I'm not so comfortable with having them both actually in bed. It was the first thing I noticed before seeing anything else and automatically thought it might be a bit much. Now I know pirates are known to enjoy a good romp but I'm wondering if the parents of little TOTs might be a bit put off by it. I'm thinking something like having the female be a wench who is standing near the bed or looking like she's about to jump in.

You know your audience or guests, so I was just stating my personal feelings. Either way, it is truly a wonderful display.
Great displays, dirty it up a bit with some cobwebs and beef netting for sure. The bed scene, maybe the mate could be serving the capt'n, you know a silver platter with breakfast in bed, one black rose in a vase...nothing says "female" like breakfast in bed! And it's kid friendly.
I have to say, it looks fantastic. I have to ask if you have sound/music planned? That would be my suggestion. The soundtrack from Disney's POTC ride would be hilarious, or just good ol' shanties. I love me some pirate music (or anything else piratey!)
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