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Pix Puppets - Digital puppets you control to interact with trick-or-treaters / guests

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Pix Puppets™ are digital puppets that anyone can easily operate. Make your next Halloween haunt the talk of the town.

Whatever your audience they will be captivated by the interactive digital characters you control!

Get two characters for just $10. PC only.

Try the online demo! Use your headset microphone to make the puppet talk, use the arrow keys to move the eyes. More controls described in the manual linked lower on this page.

Check it out at http://www.pixpuppets.com

I'm just a guy who made a thing a lot of my friends and family have had fun with, so I'm offering it to folks.

Here is a video of a Pix Puppet in action:

The first two characters are available now in a single $10 product in time for Halloween:

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Check it out at http://www.pixpuppets.com