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Ahoy fellow shipmates! Well all I can say is, I have never been so tired in all my life! The Dead Pirates Party has been and gone, took two days to set up props, lighting, food etc then another full day to tidy up. It was all worth it though, had a really great night, everyone loved it and said it was the best yet. We had the warmest Halloween on record (amazing.....) so had lots of TOT's. We then finished our Halloween fun by going to a Charity Halloween Rocks Event last night, so my Daughter, Hubby, Mum and myself got a second chance at been Pirates, danced to some great rock music with a live band waving those cutlasses in the air! :D Then to top the night off we won best costumes of the night. So again, worth every second of the cutting, stitching, sticking shells on etc then went into the costumes. I love looking at everyone's Halloween photos so thought I would share some of mine also (as the weather had been terrible prior, we took the decision to put most stuff indoors, my camera wasn't great when everything was lit up, so I have put the photos on through the day). It's been my first Halloween on the Forum, and I have totally loved every minute, you are all a great bunch of people with some awesome talent and ideas, and it's been really good to share all our highs:D and lows :( together. Hope you have all had a wicked Halloween and here's to another year of stress......sorry I meant crafting! LOL:D

S6302691.jpg My Daughter, Hubby and me
S6302621.jpg S6302577.jpg

S6302581.jpg S6302615.jpg S6302617.jpg
S6302624.jpg S6302627.jpg S6302580.jpg S6302620.jpg

S6302629.jpg S6302633.jpg S6302639.jpg
S6302646.jpg S6302655.jpg
S6302660.jpg S6302643.jpg
(Well, Jack Sparrow wouldn't have us on board.....can't begin to understand why....LOL)


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