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Pirate's Cove 2014!!!

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Yaaarrr!!!!! We finally got our video together of the latest instalment of our garage haunt Pirate's Cove.
We had a great turnout this year, roughly 180 kids, which completely shattered our previous record of 120! No doubt being on a Friday, and the weather cooperated, but of course we like to think it was because of us! LOL Yeah, right!
Anyway... Here's our haunt for this year. We hope you enjoy it. Our visitors sure did. Featuring several new props and effects, we feel it's our best ever.
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So much fun creepy ...always enjoy your unique animatronics and funny anecdotes throughout the video ...
Love the 3 singing head projection at the end
Thanks for your feedback. We had a lot of fun putting it together and running it. The projection effect at the end was a major pain to figure out, but once we got it, it turned out pretty good for a cheap crap projector! LOL
That's amazing man!! I'd love to experience it live
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