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Pirate Wreck/ Undersea theme 2016 (WIP)

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Thought I'd start keeping track of my burgeoning pirate themed Halloween this year and start condensing everything into one thread before I get carried away. So all my future props and bits and bobs will be in one place.

I've started doing the top level of my garden as part of a sunken wreck, with the eventual added bonus of being a pirate themed play area / walk-through for my son. Hopefully I'll have top part being the wreck, second level being a pirate tavern of sorts, and the bottom as some sort of voodoo jungle. (IF I GET AROUND TO IT!) Still have the inside of the house to do also!

I had some railway sleepers hanging around so decided to use them as a base for part of the hull and to add a step up in height. I'm using pallets for the deck and my brother gave me an old window he was chucking out as some sort of hold which I will fill with play sand and some fun things for my boy to dig up. I need to make a grated lid for that too so my cats don't do their business in it!

I also picked up a decorative wagon wheel from B&M for £5.99, reduced from £20. This I will use for the ships wheel once I mount it properly somewhere. (Just mucking about in pics hanging it on a nail.

Don't mind the mess!

Wall Property Land lot Yard Backyard

Wall Wood Furniture Floor Concrete

Cart Wheel Vehicle Automotive wheel system Wagon

Wood Brickwork Floor Brick Flooring

Spoke Wheel Bicycle wheel Rim Tire

and a nice beach style fire for the scrap..

Fire Campfire Bonfire Flame Heat
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You might find something of use in Asda - they have a range of Luau style summer décor - should be going on clearance soon - Tiki Idols, candle holders, etc
Tell me about it - I'm on the North East Yorkshire coast - wasn't bad last year though
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