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Pirate Wreck/ Undersea theme 2016 (WIP)

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Thought I'd start keeping track of my burgeoning pirate themed Halloween this year and start condensing everything into one thread before I get carried away. So all my future props and bits and bobs will be in one place.

I've started doing the top level of my garden as part of a sunken wreck, with the eventual added bonus of being a pirate themed play area / walk-through for my son. Hopefully I'll have top part being the wreck, second level being a pirate tavern of sorts, and the bottom as some sort of voodoo jungle. (IF I GET AROUND TO IT!) Still have the inside of the house to do also!

I had some railway sleepers hanging around so decided to use them as a base for part of the hull and to add a step up in height. I'm using pallets for the deck and my brother gave me an old window he was chucking out as some sort of hold which I will fill with play sand and some fun things for my boy to dig up. I need to make a grated lid for that too so my cats don't do their business in it!

I also picked up a decorative wagon wheel from B&M for £5.99, reduced from £20. This I will use for the ships wheel once I mount it properly somewhere. (Just mucking about in pics hanging it on a nail.

Don't mind the mess!

Wall Property Land lot Yard Backyard

Wall Wood Furniture Floor Concrete

Cart Wheel Vehicle Automotive wheel system Wagon

Wood Brickwork Floor Brick Flooring

Spoke Wheel Bicycle wheel Rim Tire

and a nice beach style fire for the scrap..

Fire Campfire Bonfire Flame Heat
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A few more pics of the WIP, ordered some palms for a more tropical desert island feel for part of the 'entrance' which is from the back door and down the side of the house into the top level of the garden. (With the threat of it turning into some gardening program, it was a blank slate so rather than have to work too much around what was there I get to plan it out from scratch more or less.) Picked up some plastic barrel planters which I had to mask and spray brown as it will look better than usual plant pots, my brother was digging up some bushes from his garden so I nabbed them to just add some free greenery to break up the lines. Shifted a load of old iron slag rocks from the bottom of the garden (some of them were 'effing heavy!) to create rocky cave like parts to hide the pots a bit and ugly things like the drain. Added in some random little succulents here and there to fill in the gaps and add a little more green. Mainly this was done to take away from the straightness of the alley as part of the plan is to put a wooden boardwalk along to the steps so I wanted it to meander a little as if one were walking through a hidden cave. I want to hide the drainage pipes as best I can so added on a bit of netting for now, I'll probably get some hessian sacks and create some hanging moss, vines and seaweed for that.

I continued work on an anchor for decoration, made from an old broom stick and the curved part of an old chair, covered with tinfoil and sprayed brown with a black wash. (still need to add a hoop and chain at the top for that)

I started making a post for the wheel and attached it so it turns, need to attached handles at some point. Also I sorted another pallet for the deck.

Still a long way to go...

Net Fishing net Hammock Fishing Yard

Bicycle wheel Wheel Spoke Architecture Wood

Iron Metal Wood Yard Wheel

Plant Flower Sabal minor Tree Yucca

Tree Plant Grass Leaf Garden
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You might find something of use in Asda - they have a range of Luau style summer décor - should be going on clearance soon - Tiki Idols, candle holders, etc
Thanks i'll check it out, my missus was only on about picking up some tiki torches yesterday as it happens. Biggest pain for me is that being on the coast it gets horrendously windy here in Autumn so how well they'll do if the weather takes a turn for the worse is anybody's guess!
Hey Bongo I did the same thing as you did with the wheel. I think I got mine at Kmart. I drilled wholes on the outside, inserted dowels that were similar size as the spokes, and stained it all to match. See pic in link.

Great idea, looks superb luckily my local B&Q is having a closing down sale so it will be super cheap for bits I need to finish it off.
Whacked on a quick tester coat of some stain I got last year on sale for a quid, I think it has come up with a nice weathered look so far. (Looks a bit better now it has dried.) Planning to clad up that block wall with some more planks but make them looked splintered off at some point. Nothing is screwed or otherwise attached together yet so I can take it apart before then and fully stain everything to protect it from our horrendously wet climate and make it look a bit better in the meantime.. I think I'll need to add more stuff like seaweed, barnacles and moss in gaps to make it look properly rotted ghost ship.

Wood Table Hardwood Furniture Wood stain

Wood Roof Furniture Hardwood Table
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Unfortunately due to work consuming all my time I've had to abandon doing outside again this year so can only do a last minute inside decoration. :(

Here's part of my wip window display ...still needs pirates and wheel..

Pink Formal wear Veil Magenta Fictional character
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