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Blue Pill? or Red Pill?
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$25 + shipping for everything in picture below - you have the whole scene! Pirate skelly is 30 inches high, treasure chest about 10 inches x10in wide.
Beads pirate bottle red fabric
Ritual Tradition Ceremony Sari

4 gold charger plates plus 2 plstic pirate swords $10 plus shipping

Sword Cold weapon Metal Dagger

Metal anchor 18 inches high - $15 plus shipping

Antique Candle holder Sword Metal

Beautiful large pieces of fabric for draping - easy shipping brown satiny, and red velvet - lots of yardage here.. $10 plus shipping for both

Clothing Outerwear Brown Textile Leather

Red Curtain Clothing Interior design Room
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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