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Pirate Ship Prop...St. Louis, MO. ... SOLD...The total length is about 24 feet and the middle width 4.5 to 5 feet wide, to allow if on a trailer bed for a float. The back stern height is 7 feet and the port and starboard sides are about 4.5 feet tall. The sail masts go way up. The ship is fully 3-dimensional all the way around, but only has the faux cannon fronts on the starboard side. It can be used on a parade float, as a stage prop, haunt work, flugtag entry, party décor, etc.
Everything is built in sections that assemble and disassemble easily.

The ship is mainly made of layered luann plywood over skeletal pine wood framing. The masts are thick cardboard tubes. The windows are wood frames with cardboard panel inserts, but could be replaced with wood lattice, etc. The sails are stretchable cloth. The mermaid figurehead is fiberglass, and there is also cherub relief above the stern window that is fiberglass. There are three stern lights, and a few other prop decor extras. Four plastic faux cannon fronts decorate the starboard side.
None of the materials have been weather treated. This structure is a display-style prop for displays and not structurally intended to support people climbing on it or perform as a boat or other. The ship has no flooring.
This prop is sold as-is, and requires more than one person to move and assemble, etc. Some of the heavier deck pieces weight about 50 lbs., and the largest stern piece is about 100 lbs. Buyer assumes all responsibility, and buyer is, or has a knowledgeable party familiar with prop constructs and is able to properly move, assemble, disassemble, secure, prevent injury, etc. in any level of use.

Minimal hardware includes panel bolts to bolt the panels together and few wood screws for the windows. The masts are basically mounted onto heavy plastic tubes secured in iron Christmas tree stands.
Assembly instruction diagram and Sails diagram are included. It all can be assembled in about ½ hour with at least 2-3 people helping out.

This is "local pick up" only. Buyer must pick up or coordinate a carrier separately; I will not be arranging the shipping.
Attached in a link to a separate freight carrier/shipping coordination service called uShip. alternately, the ship could fit into a 14' UHAUL.


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