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Tis a pirate theme ye lookin for? Looking to sell or trade my entire lot from my pirate theme this year. We switch themes each season and this was our best one yet. Items are located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I have access to box trucks at my store and could deliver in New England area.

Photos of the event and items I am listing can be seen here.


Things in the lot:

- Bucky Skeletons - I've got more than 10 (prob closer to 15) pirate themed bucky skeletons including captain, scallywags, fighters, a mermaid, dancing figures, etc. Most of them are corpsed and fleshed. Come with all decor and accessories These alone cost more than the asking price of the whole lot. Most are full size, some are child size.
- 2 wooden barrels - as seen in the photos used as seats in our setup for 2 of the corpsed buckys. Hard to find item.
- 2 cannons - Made of wood / concrete tubes / foam. We hooked up to fog machines and blasted throughout the night.
- 2 oversized treasure chests filled with fake treasure. Very large in size and great rustic look.
- Wood / Foam Pirate wheel (used as a photo prop)
- Wooden Stockades (used as a photo prop)
- Metal welded cage with skeleton
- Tubs full of themed items including silver items, costume accessories, bones, relics, pirate flags, rum containers, crows, on and on...
- Antique piano with pipe organ top. Has a motor underneath keys to make keys move up and down. Goes with "the composer" in the animated section.

- Single Gallows with hanging woman. Looks really cool. Full wooden gallows. PVC and metal linkage to create body thrusting effect. Think the wiper motor needs replacing on this.
- Drinking or "boozing" Skeleton sitting on another full size treasure chest. (pumps continuous flow of liquid into his mouth and pours into treasurer chest).
- "The Composer" full size piano player from allscare.com. Full metal armature. Plug into an air compressor and electric and it plays itself. I know there are a million customization things you can do with these units, but I got him late in the season and never figured them out. Everything seems to work great. Plug and play as is and hes got something preprogrammed in him that plays a routine. Mouth doesn't move like their newest model, but both hands move up and down, torso moves up and down, and head turns left and right. Metal armature is in perfect condition.

$2500 for the whole kit and kaboodle!

EDIT*: Xposted on Cragislist with more pictures http://providence.craigslist.org/for/5162547201.html

Trades considered. I am thinking about doing Carnevil this year but nothing is set.

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Getting closer. I need a lot trade or to get some of this stuff moving if I am going to pull off a retheme this year. Might consider sorting and selling parts off soon but would get rid of the lot at a huge discount to someone who wants to make out on the pirate theme.

More photos here http://providence.craigslist.org/for/5162547201.html

Will do better on price for HF people.
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