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The first big props of the year are done. I wanted a pirate ship facade, I couldn't build a full pirate ship because I wouldn't be able to store the stuff and I wanted a gangway to enter the ship wrecked pirate ship. Here they are...

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And the video of the ship, please excuse the commentary, I build it for my own use and for a party at my professional association's annual conference.

YouTube - CGA Ship - For Halloween Pirate Theme


Very cool. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit....in my advanced age....that me mums...was so astonished by what I showed her recently that she felt she wanted to be part of the haunt...have her own contribution lets say...so, being a big POTC fan...she bought us about $200 in pirate fare. I had not planned on any sort of pirate thing...the front yard is friendly witch, coffin tables, bar, pumkinrotesque scarecrows, a mummy in a coffin. Back yard, garage, garden area, back storage building/shed....balls to the wall horror, gore and more and more. I've been looking at different ship props and trying to decide what to do, yours is cool...and its neat to think blackbeard may have had an awesome jumper too!
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