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I wanted to share with you all our theme for this year which I changed up from before. i put my words into a pirate translator online so it will sound more like pirate speak! Everybody is so excited about the theme.


ARRRRRRRGH!! The S.S. Fright is sailing into Raleigh

Come join us for “PIRATE FRIGHT NIGHT”

Halloween Night: Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 8:00pm

Come dressed in yer most haunted ye scurvy pirate gear, zombie pirates, ghost pirates and any other creepy pirate be welcome.

Costume contest at midnight fer scariest, most creative and best pirate.

Brin’ yer appetite, a full service corpse gunna be served to fulfill all ‘o ye undead pleasures.

YO HO HO and a bottle of RUM!
A RUM tasting bar gunna be available, donations to the bar will be appreciated.
Zombie punch will be served bring yer own spiced grog if you’d like.

Heartily enjoy Halloween Party Memories Past game, Treasure box Toss and spin the wheel of Torture and Despair to Tempt yer Fate if ye dare!

Come dressed in costume or we gunna dress ye!

RSVP or be forced to walk the plank!

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My local Michael's had all of their "pirate party" and "princess party" stuff on clearance this weekend - I picked up gold dubloon bubble gum, and skull suckers for 70% off, and they had lots of other stuff - paper treasure chest treat boxes, decorations, etc.
That's great news, I'm heading down there today!
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