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Pirate costumes-Zombie babies

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I'm looking for any pirate costumes. Adult or child's large enough to fit on a skeleton. I'm also looking for a clown zombie baby such as Ouchy and also for Little Willy. If anyone has any of these they'd be willing to sell please PM me. Thanks.
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Cloe! don't spend a lot of money. Go to a thrift shop and you are looking for red, black and white and belts! lots of belts with big buckles. Tear it all up. Where you need to spend the cash I think are the hats. Get diff kinds, and a lot buy them kid size - they will save you money and will fit the skelly perfect. Go to dollar store get bandanas, you can put them on their heads and then the tricorn hat or leave them with just the bandana. Get some fake cheap hoop earrings, other chains and such to dress them more and add interest. See my album for ideas. If you buy white ugly stretch pants, you can spray paint stripes on them too. I got a couple of long blazers/coats for the captains.
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Thanks for the suggestions, Matrixmom. Only a couple thrift stores around me with very limited selections and hours. I envy everyone's finds on here but am rarely lucky enough to find anything. Probably a good thing! I have looked through your pirate albums and have used a couple of your prop ideas. I'm hoping to attempt the drinking pirate soon. I looked again closer at clothing. Did you stripe anything yourself? I did ask my daughter to go through her girls stretch pants figuring I might be able to do something with them and be on the lookout for shirts. I've picked up pirate items here and there for a few years now and thought I had picked up quite a few clearance costumes but when pulling them out this week I only came across 2.
Yes I painted on some stripes myself, the walking plank pirate in the red shirt. No church thrift shops either? Then scout out yard sales. Have you ever tried yardsales.net for your area? Also a lot of black, brown and white clothes items and dirty them up and tear them up. Add the belts across their chest secure in back with a zip tie. Take a look at my pinterest board below on "pirates life for me" board. You will see all kinds pirates there. Not the usual red/wht/black.
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