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PIR Activated Scream Boxes $21 Shipping Included (US Only)

We only have (10) of these available. They are leftovers from the MHC show and not something we typically carry so I am clearing them out of the shop.

Kit includes:

(1) PIR Activated Scream box
(1) Pivoting mounting bracket
(3) AAA batteries
(1) USB cable
Instructions for use.

These are internal memory only, no memory card slot. I believe they will hold a total of 60 seconds of MP3 audio as a single file or multiple sounds. The unit has 2 modes of operation that will allow it to repeat the same track or cycle through all files in order each time it is triggered. It has a high and low volume setting. The overall audio quality and volume level is impressive. These will run days on a set of batteries. It can see in total darkness. Max range of the PIR is between 10-15 feet.


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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