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Pictures of my crafts

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I thought I'd share some pictures of my crafts. Hope it is okay.

Peace Symbol Dreamcatcher

Blue Teardrop Dreamcatcher

Leather Hair Wraps

Dreamcatcher Earrings

Leather Charm Bracelet

Dreamcatcher Bookmark

Four Hoop Dreamcatcher

Dropped Web Dreamcatcher

Feather Earrings
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I love all your Dreamcatchers and Jewlery .. Wonderful job and beautiful colors!
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Thanks Skeletoncrew and luizacarmo :)
I've made some new crafts and I thought I'd share a few pictures of them.

These were a custom order for a friend.

This is the newest Dreamcatcher I've made. It's got a heart locket in the center of the web.

A few cell phone charms.

A necklace with an amethyst pendant and charm.
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Just in time for Halloween! Jack-O-Lantern Earrings

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