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Sorry for the delay. I haven't done any spell work for some time now. I was planning some for tonight and these came at the right time. Thank you to my Reaper. Everything will work great

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Awesome reap! Love the book of shadows, mini bottles of crystals...all of it! I think your triple goddess/moon scarf/altar cloth is very similar to mine!

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OK, here are pics of my reap, Shadow did an amazing job!
Candles! I can never have too many! These are votives and they smell fabulous too.
Automotive lighting Dishware Cosmetics Ingredient Tin

A box of gemstones! Tumbled and points. Love them!
Writing implement Rectangle Ingredient Cuisine Electric blue

Beautiful chakra bracelet and chakra wall hanging!

Body jewelry Natural material Religious item Creative arts Art

Wood Font Circle Jewellery Symbol

These awesome signs, the peace sign is my initials!
Wood Font Rectangle Grass Flooring

Rectangle Textile Wood Art Motif

Six boxes of incense in my fave scents!
Botany Publication Font Material property Tints and shades

And this pillow case, that I already put on my couch pillow. 馃ぃ
Textile Sleeve T-shirt Jersey Font

Thank you so much Shadow Panther everything is great!!

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I am so glad you like it all. I actually requested you. Your story touched me and your spirit is so amazing!!!!
Aww thank you Shadow! I have several of the gemstones in my pocket, work has been a bit crazy and I need some good energy to take with me. And I see that the bracelet has lava beads for aromatherapy so I've put patchouli oil on it this morning! Today is my "Friday" and I can't wait to hang all my goodies up!
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