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Storage actually isn't too much of an issue. I built what I call "storage decks" along the side of the house that I put all the big prop on. The drop panels, headstones and a few other items go into the shed and the rest in storage bins in a small loft I built in the corner of the garage. Everything this is put away nice and neat.

And the neighbors love it. I got a lot of "you're our favorite house every year" and "the whole neighborhood is talking about this place" comments. And we did pretty well collecting for the food drive.

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That is awesome, Your lighting is amazing.
That is something that I've always try to improve on and this year I was pretty happy with it. Those swirling lights for each tombstone really take the haunt to a new level I think. I get more and more every year and it's my goal to eventually have every light in the haunt be that kind. In previous years I used this big lights with colored bulbs that would get super hot and were very noticeable in the yard. I only had to use a few of those this year and hopefully even less in 2018.
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I really like the fact that you included a Food Drive in your Haunt.....I think that more of the Haunts, should include that touch of community into their displays.
Who made up your Big Food Drive sign and how did the Food Drive do?
I have to say, that I also like your hanging Grave Yard sign out front.....Hand Made props, just add to the entire display.
Having said that....have you ever thought of making up your own Tombstones and getting away from the Store bought ones?
You could make up 8 or 10 Tombstones....for the price that you pay for just the ONE Store Bought tombstone ....and they look so much more Scary / Old and Real.
Being that you are going with the Grave Yard theme?.......I could see you Filling your entire front yard next year, with Rows and Rows of "Hand Made" Tombstones of various sizes and shapes.....and covering your front yard in Old Leaves.....Branches.....Twigs......Dead Flowers and Dead Shrubs / Dead Grass / Hay.....to make it look so much more erie.
You have a lot going on there.....and sometimes....staying to the one theme, will just make it POP and Stand Out, that much more.
Mixing in the modern day Electric Chair, with a Gallows, and then the Stockade, and then the Guillotine,.....in an Old Country Lane Grave Yard theme.....takes away from your Grave Yard.
Finding "Balance" and staying on Topic, is what makes any Haunt that much better.
May be.....you could have your Grave Yard on one side of the House / Front lawn......and then have an entirely different theme, on the other side of the yard?
I saw one Haunt that was going for a Pirates theme.....and he had mixed in with it.....an Electric Chair.......a Bio chemical disaster and Clowns?
Like WTF? lol
He had a good idea with the Pirate theme, and then he just Lost It, by mixing in way to much stuff, that had No Balance to what he started out to do.
An "Old Country Lane" Grave Yard......might look pretty cool, if you were to make a Horse Drawn Hearse to display in it, or have a bunch of old Coffins lying around.....an old broken down picket fence surrounding it......lots and lots of old looking tombstones......Crows and skeletons ....a Grave Digger....some Lanterns etc?
You have the right idea....your Old Country Lane sign.....looks GREAT.....you made that yourself.....and it looks Old and Spooky and Creepy.....do more of yoru own stuff, and stay away from the Store bought Tombstones, to make it look so much more Spooky at night.
I am a Firefighter as well, and we both know, that we have nothing but endless amounts of FREE TIME on our hands! LOL
Love your Signs......they look Great!
Looking forward to seeing what you do to your Haunt, in the next 363 Days from now.
Be Safe in the mean time!
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