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PicoStorm - lighting maker

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I am thinking of buying this. Can anyone give me any insite? Its $200 but it seems like a good product. Can anyone compare this to the little $15 lightning FX products that are out there? big dif in price, how bout quality? Thanks
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Interesting box. I was just looking at the Firefly lightning controller - the 2 channel is $249 and they have a 5 channel for $349.

I picked up 3 of the FX boxes last year ($9.99 @ LTD) - ok... the Halloween version was sold out but they had a Christmas one so I got that instead. You can set these up similarly to both the Pico and the Firefly - from what I saw on the videos and what my family room looked like when I was testing.

I've got another 3 FX boxes on order and will use 4 for my lightning this year (2 left and 2 right - with each one having a slightly different sensativity so softer thunder will trigger two lights and louder thunder will trigger all four.

I don't see enough benefit in having the audio built in to the module to justify the $200 for the Pico.

Four channel for just $40 + shipping is just an easy choice to make.

The pico looks to be have a nice metal case. The FX boxes are a nice heavy plastic.
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