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I feel like there's a thread on here every few weeks asking for projector recommendations, yet here I am again...
I've decided I should try using a projector to decorate, but I don't want it to be so obvious I'm using a projector. So I thought maybe I could hide one inside the shell of a floodlight. This makes my requirements a bit different; mainly it needs to be small. I would also like it to run off 5v (because small 5v adapters are easy to find) and have some kind of media player. I'd also like the resolution to not suck, and not spend too much on it.
This has led me to some of the aaxa pico projectors. They look pretty decent, but are not bright. 25 lumen to 55 lumen for the models I'm looking at. I'm thinking I'll project bugs, or ghost shadows, footprints, or things of that sort along the path up to my door. So it's OK if it's subtle, but I need it to be noticeable. And the projector will be right there next to another flood light (though maybe not a bright one) because I still need light. It'll probably be projecting 10 feet or so, so a "screen" size of 60 or 70 inches. Any experience with projectors of this sort? Will I get anything usable at this brightness over this area?

Are there other projectors I should consider? I'd compromise on low res for the right price, and I don't need a battery or speaker though it seems standard on pico projectors.

Other thoughts on this idea?
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