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Time for the next mini Reaper. It is a pick your own theme reaper!! You decide what
your theme is, and make your list out accordingly. Some ideas: pumpkin patch, witches and wizards, Harry Potter, steampunk, gothic, graveyard/cemetery, pirates, carnival, mad scientist/ lab, wiccan/pagan,Egyptian, celestial (sun/ moon/stars/ astronomy/astrology,vampires,mermaids and the sea, fairies and their gardens,etc. Make your list sticking to the theme.
Here we go!
Sign ups: April 28 to May 19.
Shipping deadline: June 23.
1.The gift must be a minimum of 15 dollars, (with only a bit over if it is over.).
2.It must be shipped in 1 box only (and not a huge one!)
3. Let me know about shipping preference ( USA only, Canada, or anywhere)
4. You MUST post when you receive your gifts, it's only fair to your reaper!
5 must get a tracking number.
6.Pm me your name, address, likes /dislikes list , and shipping preference.

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i love this idea i will figure out my theme and list this weekend :)
i have pinned the likes and dislikes thread to top of page so easy to find and here is the link to it :)

1 - 20 of 35 Posts