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Halloween concoctions for the next party..

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Smoldering Jack O' Lantern
2 ounces Reposado Tequila (has a smoother flavor)
2 ounces fresh squeezed Clementine juice (or a HoneyBell Orange juice)
1 ounce of triple sec
1/2 ounce grenadine
Piece of dry ice

In a tall glass (using tongs & gloves) drop a piece of dry ice. Mix all of the liquid ingredients in a shaker & pour over dry ice & enjoy...It's very tasty!

NOTE *Dry ice is safe in your drink but do not let it come into contact with your skin....the straw is very helpful when drinking it.

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The Zombie
1oz Bacardi 151 rum
1 oz. Apricot brandy
1 oz. Light rum
1 oz. Dark or Jamaican rum
1 oz. Lime juice
2 Dashes grenadine
Orange juice

Mix light and dark rum and brandy in a cocktail shaker, add lime juice and grenadine. Shake well and strain into a higball glass filled with cracked ice. Fill glass with orange juice but leave enough room to float the 151 on top. Garnish with a cherry and orange slice....one too many of these and you'll be buried!

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Spooky Spirit

3/4 part Crystal Skull Vodka
1/2 part Castries Peanut Rum Crème
1/2 part Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1 ounce Heavy Whipping Cream

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously to blend and chill. Strain into a decorative cocktail glass....very silky and smooth, with a hint of peanut butter flavor with creamy chocolate flavor, yum!

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The Headless Horseman
2 oz black vodka
3 dashes of bitters
Ginger Ale to taste

Pour the vodka and bitters into a glass, fill with ice and then pour in ginger ale. Garnish with a slice of blood orange. ...simple, clean, refreshing.

Something Wicked
1 part Midori Melon Liqueur
1/2 part Strega Liqueur or Yellow Chartreuse
1/2 part Canton Ginger liqueur
Ginger Ale
Add first 3 ingredients into a shaker glass, add ice.
Shake well. Strain over ice in a collins glass. Line the inside of a wine glass with strands of black licorice. Pour in contents of the collins glass and fill with ginger ale....fruity fizz, with a slight spicy bite from the ginger.

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Dark Night
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2 oz Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka (it's actually a dark blue color)
1 oz Agave Nectar
1 oz Sauvignon Blanc

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a plastic bat and fresh blueberries.

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Werewolf's Bite
1 oz Lucid absinthe
1 oz Midori Liqueur
1 oz Lemon-lime soda
1 oz Pineapple juice
Drizzle of grenadine

In a cocktail shaker add absinthe, Midori, pineapple juice, and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into shot glass. Splash some lemon-lime soda on top and a drizzle of grenadine.

Absinthe tastes toxic & it definitely has a "bite" to it. You will feel hung-over the next day if you drink too much of it. Much like someone infected with the werewolf's bite!


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