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yeah, you folks seem plenty simpatico;)

please check out my initial attempt at a pirate prop. a simple blow-molded skull started it all. the jaw was cut loose, hinged, sprung and hooked to a solenoid. gold teeth were painted in. an old t-shirt and craft paint make up the bandana. two pieces of bass wood, more craft paint and a permanent marker were used to make the sign. co-worker jeff supplied the LEDs in the eyes. the eyepatch is craft foam and leather braiding. the pole and cross bar are bamboo from a home improvement store. there are candle flicker lights on each end of the cross bar. i bought the hat and the flag.

the greenish tinge is from a colored spotlight. there are powered speakers and a picoboo controller behind the "pyrates" part of the sign. an acoustic version of the POC theme plays as the ambient sound. green LEDs in the eye sockets flash and the jaw moves in sync with "Dead men tell no tales!" when the prop is triggered by a pressure mat.

chilled fog drifting around the base should set things off nicely.

thanks for looking, and happy haunting.
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