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PHOTO HEAVY POST - Lemax / Dollar Tree Village for the Wife. In Progress

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My Wife likes getting the little Dollar tree house both the Christmas ones and the Halloween ones and repaints them at times. Here is my current WIP so far.

It started off using 2 Inch insulation foam then also adding in 10 inch blocks of reg Styrofoam. Then adding in Newspapers and masking tape. Each times stopping and having my wife reset up her pieces so I could make adjustments and such. I eventually got to where I liked the lay out and was able to start carving on the foam. Using plaster cloth afterwards then Flat Black paint the entire thing. Then each day I would add more and more boulders and plaster rocks I made until I liked the look of the terrain.

Eventually I got to paint and am now currently working on the wall and path way for the village. Once this is painted only thing I have left is to add the lighting and backdrop.

Please tell me what you think of my progress so far.


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That looks incredible! it really makes those houses into an awesome centrepiece. great job!
I think it looks awesome! It's going to turn out so nice when it's all put together! What are those little corn stalks by your farm house? Did you buy those or make them? I like them a lot!
Those are cornstalks from the Hobby Lobby diorama section / isle. Believe they were 9 bucks. And thanks guys
That looks fantastic! The repaints are great too!
Wow! Incredible!
well how great is this?? i was thinking the whole time watching it transform spielbergs sets for indiana jones or treasure island in vegas....lol all the rock wall work. what a wonderful display set you made. clap clap!!
Thank you everyone for the comments
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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