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Do you have any?....

I do, Whispering! I cannot stand it, I havent had any good from it and reasons I cant explain....

Let us know whether you have one or not.....

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3. Aliens - If an alien race is hostile and decides to show up some day, we are screwed! They wont be stupid enough to die from our germs and they will deffinatley be wearing protective suits if water is like acid to them.

Oh and I suppose I have anxiety every once in a while about appocolypse. Those history / discovery shows about our universe is just to darn evil! They suck you in with some amazing facts about the stars in the universe, and leave you off with the notion that at any momment the sun could explode, we could move a 10th of a percent off our orbit, or a big freaken rock is going to come out of the sky and split the planet in half.
LOL War of the Worlds and Signs right? ha ha two of my favorite movies.

yes the water thing is horrible to me. i was playing a video game one time and there was a part where you have to swim down down down down until the water starts to darken and you cant see much. That was the first time i have ever hyperventilated. never did finish playing it either. i dunno, it just gives me the feeling that something massive is gonna swallow me up or something.

on the other hand, an apocalypse doesnt sound so bad :) especially a zombie apocalypse! lol hey look at it this way, at least you wouldnt have to go to work anymore :D
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