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Everyone received their invitations and the reception has been great! This year we went with classic halloween as the theme since it occurred to us that hadn't ever just used straight up Halloween as a theme. Every year I always send flat save the dates on September 1 and then boxed invites the first of Oct. I'm so pleased with how these came out!

I have a quick step-by-step below the collage if you're so interested in the particulars.


Here they are all together before I boxed them up:


1. Went to my favorite papercrafts site, Ravensblight, and snagged his free Tombstone Treat Box. Scroll down a bit to find the Tombstone. I knew these were perfect and the front was just begging to be personalized with the names of all my friends I would be killing via invite :)

2. Imported the PDF into Photoshop, made it more grungy (not much to do since it's already pretty perfect). I also added the "Bradley Manor" tag we've been using for the past nine years. Since i planned on personalizing these, I added "Here Lies" in Copperplate Gothic with a Pillow Emboss as well as the date in the same layer style. Saved as a PSD and a PNG

3. Opened Word, set the margins to .50 everywhere and imported the PNG. Created a text box where the names should be and ran a mail merge with the names of my guests in Old English font.

4. Printed on heavy cream cardstock, trimmed, folded, and glued them together.

5. Bought several strands of skellys on string from Dollar Tree and cut them apart with wire cutters. I also added the actual scroll invite that I designed in Photoshop that I tied up with hemp string.

6. Bought some cheap moss from Joann Fabrics using a 50% off coupon (they always have this on their website) and stuffed the moss, bones, and scroll in the tombstones.

7. Sadly, I did not think ahead this year to resize the Ravensblight template into a more standard mailing box size, so I had to create the shipping boxes myself using heavy posterboard and staples. I then wrapped them up, slapped their address labels on 'em, and away they went.

I'm happy to share my invitation scroll template as a customizable PDF for a limited time with the HalloweenForum community (for personal use!). Let me know if there is interest in that. Otherwise, I have made them available on Zazzle as 5x7s if anyone is interested in those links after the limited period is over.
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