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Hey fellow haunters =) I have a question...

I was talking to my hubbie this morning, about turning our backyard into a cemetary this year. I thought it would be neat, to do a very simple type of walk through, where the guests would just basically walk past it, no zig zagging through or anything.

My hubbie liked the idea, but is a little wary of it, thinking that we may need a permit to do something like that.

Do any of you aquire permits before opening your haunts to the public?
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Here's a thread where the city had issue with a private haunt.

If I recall, what the problem hinged upon was the fence they had out by the sidewalk (not to mention the killjoy neighbor who called the city in, in the first place).

Check with your city - most have no issue, as long as you're not asking for admission or donations of any kind (as Unorthodox said).
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