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Hey fellow haunters =) I have a question...

I was talking to my hubbie this morning, about turning our backyard into a cemetary this year. I thought it would be neat, to do a very simple type of walk through, where the guests would just basically walk past it, no zig zagging through or anything.

My hubbie liked the idea, but is a little wary of it, thinking that we may need a permit to do something like that.

Do any of you aquire permits before opening your haunts to the public?
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One haunter has his non-haunt business well established , then transformed it into a haunted house in-season but he still had a next door neighbor who didn't like him and what went on there so he erected a huge tower (think "Radio Tower") in his yard then installed spotlights in his tower, aimed down into the haunter's yard to ruin any dark efects.
A Judge hearing both sides couldn't settle it, then "Mr. spotlight" went turning them on again and the Judge got mad!
The next year the haunter bought the nasty neighbor's place from him, the end!

I have always somewhat marveled at next door neighbors who could be friends since you hear and see everything that happens and they are right beside you!
I promoted neighborly friendship once by not complaining about the vast difference between our property taxes because I probably rightly had it figured that the county would not have lowered my taxes, just increased his!
We were next door to one another, our old houses were the same age and same size, our lots were the same, but he had a 1 1/2 story barn/garage at the alley , I didn't AND the inside of his house could have been right out of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, mine was nowhere close to this.
I valued his dailey pleasantries. No tensions. He was not getting a senior citizen discount either we were almost the same age.
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