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Pepper's Ghost fader needed

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Greetings to all,

I'm having trouble finding a cross fader or "ghost fader" to use on my Pepper's Ghost.
Everyone that used to sell them seems to be gone !
Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Thanks to all who help in adavance
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Haunt Master products makes them (flip-flop units), just checked they're site 7 they have sold out for the year....... :(
Unless you can get by with a manual one. Tape 2 light fixture fader knobs face to face.......
I have a fader unit that has two outlets. As one outlet brightens, the other dims. It cycles automatically but the speed can be adjusted. I use it for a pulsing light in a coffin. If you think this might work for a Pepper's Ghost, I'll try to find the manufacturer. Alternatively, I have a DIY light pulsing hack that might work. It has an 8 second dim-to-bright cycle, probably too fast for your needs.

Edit: I found this unit - it looks a lot like the one I have:

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The company also sells prop controllers. I may have to get one of the ET-3 boxes next year.

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This is not the best cotroller out there but I made it with things I had around the garage. At the time, there was a tremendous lack of funds. Otaku will have a much more elegant solution. The one I made has been working for several years now and if I ever have a problem with it, I will convert to one of the electronic units. But here is my "Crank Fader"
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Look up Monster Guts. I think I remember seeing a fader on that site.
Randy, that's an excellent solution. Looks very stable, too.
Dang it... that is just so cool! Who cares if you can do it with electronics... there's something to be said about cool mechanical linkages!
Thanks to everyone

Thanks for all the help gang.
Bad news on the fader that Digital SL sold, they don't have them anymore, as the supplier stopped making them.
Still looking for a ready made, but as a back-up , I did find a dimmer switch that I can do the linkage set-up to.

Good luck everyone on your Halloween this year !
That's a nice mechanism, Dave!
Reminds me of some of my own work! :)
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