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People's Choice-Theme????

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After having such a hard time deciding on a theme for this year, I decided that for next year I will leave it up the guest to decide. Of course I'll put in 5 themes that they can choose from. Problem is I can't think of 5 so you guys here at the forum should make them up for me. Whatever you guys think would be a good theme I will use for the choices.

As the guest leave the haunt, I'll ask them to annyomusley cirlce there choice for a favorite thing. On November 1st, I'll read them and see which one had the highest. It will be a suprise for next year.

So if you could help me out and list themes you think would be fun to visit that would be AWESOME. :)

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Super Villain theme.

Michael Meyers
Swamp Thing

.. im sure there is about a hundred others im missing but you could have them all partaking in some sort of activity. Play cards, volleyball, etc....

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Classic monsters. Another thread mentioned a toxic waste dump, i think that'd be cool. All gore. Butcher shop. Insane asylum gone gorey. Mad scientists lair.
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