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"People" Have To Be..

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Treated "Right!"
Recently a young man came back to see my house tour, he has been here many times. He told me his former Haunt employer only paid him once in six years!
(I have always paid my helpers-employees)
I then told him how one October a group siting in my first room also said they went un-paid for labors they had done, so they broke out the windows in the man's antique Hearse! (I can not imagine how much time and money would be spent trying to replace that glass! )
I admit, that toward the end of October, that I sometimes do become a little "Short" with some kinds of people, mostly the drunk, screaming, staggering kind.

I was also told about a man who hired a man and his wife to build , then operate the haunt, with promises to pay at the end of the season... I guess that particular "Season" goes on perpetually.. he's still waiting 15? years later! Not "Right."

I guess I pay people for at least two reasons?
Number one-It's the right thing to do!
Number Two-I was not paid often in the 15 years i had another job, and it WAS NOT FUN ! My Wife and our kids suffered too in that situation.
I have been on the "Not -Receiving" line. Life should not be that way when you were working 65 hours every week.
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I don't understand why people would keep doing it (and for SIX YEARS) if they weren't paid. Oh, sure, I get doing it for the love of it, but if you're promised payment and it doesn't come, then you're just being exploited. Why put up with being exploited? Haunt owners/operators should have a contract that specifies when or even if workers will be paid. It wouldn't have to be fancy--just something in writing to make clear what everyone's responsibilities are. And if these workers kept doing it, knowing they weren't going to get paid--even if the owner (wink wink) promised them--then they really have no reason to complain.
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