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pc power supply/wiper motor help

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Help please! Trying to rig up my wiper motor to a power supply from an old Dell PC, but not sure where to start with the wiring. I really need a step by step how-to, even after spending 2 days reading every link associated with power supplies, including scary terry's. I guess the main question is exactly which wire (s) do I use from the power supply, as I've seen sites that group all the wires of one color together into one connector, or do I just pull the wires I need out of that white 20-pin connector thing, put a wire crimp on it and connect it to the motor.
I think I have other supplies I can use, so I think it's more a matter of pride in just figuring out how to do this right now.
Thanks in advance!
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PC Power supply

From an Old PC Power Supply you can use the following combination to power your wiper motor. This provides upto 10 amps of juice.

Yellow and black = 12 Volt DC
Red and black = 5 Volt DC
Orange and Black = 3.3 Volt DC

These are the power wires that you use to power your CD drive and Hard drive. Did it last year, worked great. Next time go to MonsterGuts.com. You can buy DC power supplies with the wiper motors fairly cheap. Dean is excellent to work with. Good Luck and Happy Halloween.
Remember, an ATX power supply needs the green wired on the motherboard connector jumpered/shorted to common.

Reference: techPowerUp! :: How do I manually turn on an ATX power supply?
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