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Hi all,

, , , off we go again ! :D

Art Fictional character

Before I start posting this year's fun,
thought I might add a couple links to Castles from the past:

2014 Haunted Castle


2012 Haunted Castle

2011 Haunted Castle

MUCH, MUCH more to come,

. . . really looking forward to the next few weeks !


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Hey again,

I've been doing the Merlin / Castle theme for several years now.
That means most of my October is just putting up / putting away
all the stuff I keep accumulating.

Usually, only leaves me time to do a few "NEW" things each season.
This year, my favorite was the Witch tv / picture:

Purple Fictional character Art Magenta Visual arts

Last Summer, we were getting ready to take the big old boxy tv set
to recycling, but I wouldn't let it go. :D

My main room - Wizards Keep: the walls are the plastic rolls of stone scene-setters.

I set the BIG tv on my workbench behind the plastic sheet. Cut out a place for the screen,
framed it in with some fluroescent painted foamboard, and popped in the AtmosFear
witch video = success ! ! !

Where I stood handing out the candy ( fast as I could ! ) the tv was behind me, and
every TOT stopped to watch a minute or two of the video.

Here in a bit, I will post my walk-thru video: and the picture / tv really shows up !


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Another upgrade for 2015 was my Wizard's staff.

For many, many years I've been holding my foil wrapped pvc pipe with the flashlight / Christmas globe on top.

Art Fictional character Fiction

This year: wanted something thicker / more "carved-wood" - like.

Started with another pvc pipe ( so I can drop a mini-flashlight inside ).
Covered with duct tape - so the can of expanding foam would have
something to grab to.


Smoothed / rounded it off all around with the elec. triangle chipper tool.

Painted the whole thing with a base coat of black spray paint.
The spray paint ate crackly channels all over the staff :)
Painted down in the cracks with fluorescent red, and covered the
outer with white.

Put a blue LED flashlight in the top - and it shot a light beam up out of the staff.

Ran out of time before I could put a globe and "finger-limbs" on the top,
but this one will finish up pretty quickly for 2016.


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Hey again !

Few more pictures from inside the Haunted Castle:

My Monster-in-Box ran great all night: thanks to new motor from
Monster Guts !
Room Art

Got two of my Nephews helping me now. They sat in the jail-cell right around the
blind-corner. Scared some of the TOT's ( and their parents ! ) pretty good.
Nephew Howling Demon Reagan, and Little Creeper Holden :)
Glass Fictional character Art

Started adding more and more of the Fire&Ice swirling lights:
they really make the maze through the Castle - quite a trip !
Light Fun Tree Stage Event

One last one for now: one of the Wizard's tables in the Keep:
Batman Fictional character Technology Games Action figure

back soon ! Pax

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after all the TOT's had finished up - I still had two more visitors before I closed the doors.

First, an ambulance pulled up, and they wanted to walk through the Castle.

Then a police car stopped. I thought: uh oh ! what did I do . . .

but they said they heard on their radio: to come check out the guy's
cool haunted house . . . needless to say: made my night ! :rolleyes:

Here's my video walking through - right before I closed down:

I know it's awfully dark - but hope you can see some of the fun stuff !

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