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party was a success

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just thought i'd let you know the party was a success, i ended up with an extra child than planned as her brother was invited (so she came trick or treating with him and asked if she could say - couldnt really say no), 95% of food i made was eaten. theres still 4 vodka jellies in my fridge, the apple martini and vodka punch was lovely but there wasnt enough. everyone who came kdis and adults all said they had a great time and cant wait for next year - but next year i will be going back to my home town (5hrs driive south) to a friends party (she came up to me this year) but that gives me just under 2yrs to plan and buy and make for another good night! i already know what i'm going to do - turn my lounge into a grave yard and bougth 3 grave digger gnomes in sale today :D

we did have 1 problem and that was my son decided to jump down the stairs, missed and fell so we ended up at a&e (in full costumes i may add) as suspected he broke it, for doc to prod poke not xray as thinks it badly bruised, he can hardly weight bare and he his leg has "given way"/hes collapsed with pain 4 times since doing it - 2 were b4 we went a&e and told hospital this!!!

normailty is almost back in my house except for the huge pile of decs/tableware and costumes needing a plastic storage box (forgot to get it today in town so got go tomorrow) and then into the loft. i will add pics to my album during week.