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Hey guys! I'm new here but I've been having Halloween parties ever since I was 13 (my birthday is in October :D) and it's my favorite time of the year. I'm already in the Halloween spirit and setting up my party, but I'm curious if I can finally find some unique ideas in here other than searching on google and getting nothing but kiddie ideas.

This year is my 21st bday/halloween party and I'm telling guests not to bring presents, but instead to bring some food, drinks, parts of old halloween costumes (to dress up anyone who doesn't come in costume) or random ridiculous items to give out as prizes. I was considering doing an overall themed party, but I've collected so many different halloween decorations over the years that I'd rather decorate with them all, so I'm planning on doing multiple themed rooms.

I live in an apartment with 2 other room mates, but the living room is big enough for 15 guests. Not sure what the theme for the big room would be.

The kitchen is going to be a butcher shop. I'd like to make the counters look bloody, what can I use that wouldn't stain the counters?
Any other tips for this would be great, I've never had time to decorate the kitchen before but I'm starting a week early so I can just cook food all day for the party. I'm a vegetarian so I don't actually want..real meat in the kitchen...and I don't think that's sanitary either, hah.
I'm going to block the kitchen off with something hanging so it's creepier to walk into, maybe bloody bandages I can make with loose cloth?

The bathroom I'd like to look grungy and nasty, like the bathroom from SAW I. Is there anything I can make that wouldn't stain the floors, but still look green and brown and nasty? I'm thinking about collecting some materials to make my own moss and fabric-type mold.

Every year my guests don't feel comfortable walking into my room so I don't decorate it much, but I'd like to make it another themed room. Not sure what would it would be, but are there any ideas to get guests to explore more? I'm considering a scavenger hunt but that feels overly cheesy.

I've never done themed rooms so this will be interesting.

Oh also, I'm thinking of having a fog machine for the floor but I'm always afraid someone will have an asthma attack or something. But whenever I go to a halloween event..there's always artificial fog...so I guess it's okay? :I

More party things I plan to do:
I always have guests that end up going to another party or planning something else instead of attending. This year I plan on creeping them into the party. Instead of just handing out an invitation near the party, I'm going to hand out personalized creepy invitations at the end of September, then set up an event on facebook so they can RSVP there. A week before the party, I'm going to make a creepy video of a doll or something reminding (and threatening ;D) guests to attend the party. I might follow up with another invitation and hide it near their belongings or in their rooms (I'll be seeing everyone at some point to hang out).
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I've used fireplace ash to grunge up my bathroom in the past, but do a small test patch first as different surfaces absorb differently. Bloody handprints made from Karo syrup and red food coloring will come right off your mirrored surfaces, but ya probably need to keep the drips from hitting the counters. If you really dont mind guests in your bedroom take the door off the hinges and use it as a really big buffet table with sawhorses or a smaller table underneath. Guests will be more likely to view the bedroom scene and possibly hang out in it if there's no barrier to the entrance. And since its your 21st you gotta have some Halloween themed adult beverages available...a brain hemorrhage perhaps? ;)
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