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Hey everyone, the Haunted Forest party is over for another year. We had our party this past Saturday night and it seems that every year it just keeps getting bigger. This year we had about 115 people. For some reason our circle of family and friends keeps growing. Funny though. they never seem to be around when I need the lawn mowed.:D As I have said before our party is for our family and friends and friends of our family members and is not really open to the general public but this year the friends of the family members simply invited their family and their friends to come with them as well. Boy was it ever hectic. It usually takes Wicked Grandma and me at least four days to put everything out and test it to be sure there are no glitches. Well guess what? This year there was bright sun and clear sky on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but on Friday there was a prediction of rain so....nothing could be put out until Saturday morning the day of the party. Sure enough Friday came and along with it the rain. We got up before dawn on Saturday and actually got most of it put out but it about killed us. There were a few hick-ups since on some of the props grandma thought I tested them and I thought she tested them so of course they didn't get tested so some really didn't work properly but the most important ones worked great. (always helps if you at least turn them on). I have to send out a really big thank you to BobbyA for all the help with the PIR driveway alert triggers and especially the work on Headless Harry. For the first time ever he didn't go on strike and worked like he was getting paid. The haunted Ouija board from DaveInTheGrave was a big hit in the fortune teller shack as was the Madame Leota video that drzeus helped me with a conversion to a format that my photo frame would recognize and for the video itself that SavageEye put toghether. My singing busts were excellent and everyone commented on how they looked like real busts singing thanks to great video help from CreepyCreations and tips on modification of the Styrofoam heads from Defemstrator. Also, the ATX power supply board that Halstaff helped me with allowed me to forgo one of the batteries I normally use on my 12v wiper motor props. My new prop for this year was a Cauldron Creep and he really turned out great. Now at least for this week my grandkids think I am the most amazing Papa ever. Now I notice that time is already beginning to run out before our next Halloween party in the Haunted forest and the grandkids have already put in their ideas for what they want next year so its off to the Halloween Idea Factory (my barn) to get geared up. Of course that will have to wait until we get everything put back in storage. Thanks again to everyone for all your help.
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