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Party Music/Scen Music

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Ok, I have a cd with some moaning and groaning on it-pretty lame, I have another cd with the Ghostbusters theme-Monster Mash-fun songs that I bought from Target.

I am having a Psycho themed bathroom and I will be hiding a small boombox under the sink and I wanted to play the theme song/shower scene/and Bates talking from the movie but I haven't had any luck finding something like that and don't know how to make that myself. Any suggestions???

I'm also going to be buying another cd that has the movie soundtracks on it and then trying to figure out how I can mix and match the different cd's onto 1 with the songs that I like/want. Any tips on that?? LOL I do have a cd/dvd burner on my puter if that helps. I just haven't made anything like this with cd's before...only back in the day with dual tape decks..ha!
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pdcollins, you are awesome!!! Thank you soooo much! You rock!
That is what you are wanting right, for them to be seperate or is that whatyou are wanting to mix?
Either way works for me! I will try to figure out how to mix them together. I'd like to get Bates' voice talking to/about mother somehow but I haven't had any luck finding that online. Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it!!!!
you can do it MP3 style.
Savage, dumb it down for me...how would I do that?
Use audacity free sound effects program, you can mix, add effects,anything with it.
Save it as an MP3 & burn to cd disc........... :D
Wow pd, that was cool! Thanks!! Now to figure it out as to how to get it all together..Yay..you guys are all awesome!!
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