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Party Idea's 2015

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So far i have
1 dexter kill room
1 dolls heads psycho room.
1 spiders lair.
and a hallway of zombie hands...

I need ideas for 3 more areas
2 small
1 large display.

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My bathroom is always a Freddy room
I've been picking up these cheap scream masks off e-bay. They sell them in sets of 5 for $1-$2 bucks depending on the bid. I've got about 100. I'm going to hang black material on the walls and hang them at various lengths. If you want you could have a person all in black wearing one to scare the guests. PM me if you want the company.

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Hi, last year was my first attempt on a full blown Halloween party here in the UK, tried a vampires wedding. Table Room Textile Event Tablecloth
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Hi fellow UK Haunter! It's nice to see a lot more people from the UK doing Halloween displays. This is about my sixth year, I theme each year, previous ones have been Scary Fairytales, Thriller Re-Make, Pirates, Haunted Hospital, Vampire Cavern and this years is Creepy Carnival. One of the things I did on the Haunted Hospital which freaked people out, was in my hallway I covered it top to bottom in black bin liners, and got loads of tubes of glo sticks from the pound store and hung them at different lengths from the ceiling, in between these I hung different medical items which I got again from pound store and ebay such as giant syringe, bloody bandages, plastic fingers and body parts, people had to walk to walk through it to get to the living room. It was really dark just the glo of the sticks, and we had noises playing drips, screaming, sawing and stuff and people really didn't like it not knowing what was going to touch them or what was going to be there, didn't know if you could incorporate this idea into your plans. As an add on to your Spiders lair, when I did Pirates in the food area we had like a skull cave effect you had to walk through to get there, and we had lots of different size spiders, bugs, bats on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, loads of webs and again it was dark just lit by a couple of fake flame torches but we mixed in lots of little hanging pieces of web to so that they touched faces etc as people walked through, we also had these horrible bug noises playing which I got off You Tube that was kind of scurrying, buzzing, wings flapping sound and the girls especially hated it:eek:. Hope this gives you a few ideas, keep in touch I would love to see your party pics:) If you have a look on my previous posts there are some pics:)
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I like to do an overall theme and set up different homages in each room. Since you have a Dexter kill room, maybe you'd like to dedicate rooms to various serial killers, real or fictional. You could have an American Psycho room, Ed Gein room, Bates hotel bathroom scene, Silence of the Lambs, Michael Myers, etc.
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