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Hi everyone I know I've been missing again, however I'm about to pull out all the stops in my first ever Halloween party in my first real home. I'm really excited, however my boyfriend and I just finished decorating for every day use. There's too much that isn't Halloween related (like our gigantic Bob Marley painting), but we spent too much effort in putting it all up that we don't want to take it down to decorate for Halloween.

So I was thinking of buying cheap black tarps and pinning them to our walls over all the paintings and stuff and then putting spiderweb over that. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for jazzing up our walls.

I'm also under the dilemma of wondering what costume and theme to go with this year. I guess because it's the first time I can really decorate a whole house I'm overwhelmed with possibilities. I know I want a very bloody bathroom, complete with a flies soundtrack hidden under the sink to freak people out, and my menu will be BBQ pork, ribs, etc (cannablism type spread) at first I was thinking a spider queen or something to that effect.

Basically I'm just wanting to do EVERYTHING and I don't even know where to begin. I'm very open to opinions and suggestions on everything. Thanks in advance!
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I usually take all of my pictures down and put up halloween ones, but I have one that is basically bolted to the wall, that one I cover with several layers of creepy cloth and then a spider. You can mix themes together and call it Classic Halloween, that way you can mix gothic, zombies, witches and it works. I did a bloody bathroom one year, they are awesome, put lots of blood in the sink, it will dry but every time someone turns on the faucet it refreshes! Good luck with your party!
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