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Our party was Poe themed this year, and my wife and I brainstormed about a theme inspired game to play. She mentioned a game she's played at showers where something is passed around in a circle and the last person holding the item wins the prize. I took that as inspiration and came up with the Last Days of Poe. It was a letter written by Poe (from beyond the grave). We had the guests pass around a beating Tell-Tale Heart, either passing it LEFT (or FORWARD), RIGHT (or BACK), ACROSS (or variation thereof), or when DEATH (or similar) is mentioned, that person holding the heart at the time is out of the game.
The story actually followed what few facts are known or surmised about his last days in Baltimore. I worked in the Fort McHenry militia marching (left, left, left, right, left) street directions and whatever I could come up with to add those words in the story. At one point I had the Militia doing the Hokey Pokey (Hey, it was late when I wrote it and getting a little loopy)!
Anyway, it turned out surprisingly well, and everyone I asked said they really enjoyed it!
Our prize was the SPIRIT skeletal Swan Planter with a floral arrangement in it.
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