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Hey all, just wanted to share some photos of the Halloween Parties I've thrown the last few years. I'm a photographer and somehow always seem to get so caught up I don't take photos of my own parties! I've tried to be better the last couple of years - thought I'd share these albums & maybe someone would find some inspiration or a great costume idea (I have some very clever guests!)

Here is our 2014 party - it was a CarnEVIL theme. I had created a huge 15x30 outdoor tent with carnival games, a big top, you name it - I had it. 1 hour before the guests were set to arrive we had a freak windstorm and everything blew down. To say I was devastated was an understatement. I had to quickly move everything inside, but all of my guests were gracious and promised that they still had fun.

For 2015 I went for a more patchworked, let's pull out all of the decorations kind of theme (I think what I'll probably do this year too!). The living room was the spider room, dining and buffet was a mad scientist lab, kitchen was plastered with old creepy medical ads. Bathroom was a swampy scary theme with a hidden soundtrack of scurrying rats and munching bugs. Downstairs (beer pong area) I reused by CarnEVIL stuff and did a AtmosFEAR projection in the garage on some screendoor material (where the smokers were hanging out).

Here's the link to the album!

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please throw them my way! Happy haunting. ;)
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