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Greetings all yee feinds of hallow's eve,

This thread is an intention to get the positive energy mojo flow just days prior to throwing the best party ever!. This thread is all about creating a positive party vibe by everyone making declarations of what a party is all about and how parties in the past have succeeded in opening the door and just making you want to come on in, this place is happening and magical! I see too many posts about negative experiences with all this effort to make a nice party and then it disappoints the person throwing it when the energy doesn't happen. You can make all these efforts but a party is a party because it has that positive life force energy that grows and feeds off the excitement it builds.

So this is all about celebrating the energies of parties past( that you attended as a guest) and remembering those special things that make a party energy come to life without any effort on the part of the person throwing it. This doesn't have to be limited to halloween, any party you ever attended...what made it come to life with positive energy that grew into something that people talked about and felt energized by months or years after?

The best parties I ever went to had:
1. That magical sense that great care went into making the party feel out of regular reality and time. (reminders of everyday life were just not to be found). The space let you escape into an alternate reality and that's what adults need to get out of their heads and back into easier times with no responsibilites. And that is what a party is all about. Finding joy in the moment. This is the ultimate success of a party if you do that for the people.

2. Fire- fall time is all about it, even if you don't have a fireplace or a fire pit, a few candles or some way to bring in the energy of fire makes an instant party. I went to an art party where a fire eater was hired. fire is a wow factor and creates feelings of comfort and unity.
(one party I went to they passed around a plate of flamming raisins and nuts. I think it was alcohol like brandy they lit on fire and it burned blue in the dark space, it didn't burn anyone and it was woooow)

3. Waves of activities and arrival times, there's a lot of life happening when I arrive and I want to join in because I see there are choices and lots happening that I need to get in on. (People are already mingling and relaxed and the party vibe is happening) For this party these people invited all their close friends and positive people first and then people they didn't know as well came in a second wave and were welcomed by the already friendly force of people. Made a note, don't have people all arrive at the same time...the second wave of people will feel they missed out on being early and stay later. Make sure everyone knows that the party doesn't have an end time...it goes till people want to sleep or leave.

4.The party thrower built a fort like city structure in their basement. It's a throw back to childhood with boxes and overturned chairs and cloth tents of blankets. It's something out of the ordinary and a happy surprise to find that the party is happening all over the house even in the quite spaces that no one announces. Let people roam freely to discover and then give them something to discover. YES<3 this cause it was epic!

So go ahead if you read this far add number 5...pass the torch cause fire makes a party...what makes you want to party remember not your own party but what someone else did...gets you out of your own head and into the heart of party energy!
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