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Thought I'd jump in here really quickly for an introduction. I've been visiting for a while and finally signed up.

My haunt has been growing slowly each year - adding a couple of new items to keep it fresh but not get too overloaded.

This year I purchased a few items (Grim Reaper, Skeleton, Skelemingos)... but I built a few items as well (large candelabras and the crystal ball table). Really happy with both. We really wowed the kids - and some parents wouldn't even walk on our side of the street. :)

Pumping the fog through dry ice was AMAZING!

See more images at http://supras.org/keith/Halloween2008/index.asp

Thanks for this place to learn and share. I'll be putting together my own how tos for the crystal ball and candelabras if anyone is interested.

Keith Hart
Bleeding Hart Mortuary
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