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So, my husband and I are working hard at plans for our haunt/party and our driveway is only big enough for 4 vehicles comfortably, 6 if you park them REAL close.

We have a church down the street one way and a mom and pop gas station the other way. We planned on asking both to use their property just for parking on the night of the 29th for our party and having someone constantly running a hayride to get people from point A/B to our house.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions with this? I know this could be a safety hazard traveling with people on the back of a trailer on a main road - I even contemplated called the local PD and asking what the rules and regulations are for that. If we cannot do that then the only other thing we could do would to be put up caution tape and have people walk. We want to make this fun but wanted to check what other suggestions you may have incase we run into some issues with the parking.

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