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Paranormal Prom Tomorrow at Dark Hour Haunted House-Plano, TX

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I am sooooo stoked. I won 2 tickets to tomorrow's Paranormal Prom at Dark Hour!!! It includes admission to this month's event plus the prom which includes a fajita buffet.

Now trying to work on costumes and decide what to wear. Pictures coming on Sunday.

Thank you, Dark Hour!!! If you have not checked them out take a few minutes and look at what we have year round in the Dallas area.
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Have fun printer!! Cant wait to see your costumes!!
Very cool. Congratulations, printersdevil. Enjoy the event.
Thanks guys, we plan to have a blast. I am still in a dither on what to wear and which way to go with dress. We will wear shorts and t-shirts to go through DarkHour since this month they warn that water will be used and you will get wet. Then we will change into prom clothes. We have an hour drive to get there so would not have worn it down anyway.

This is the first year for them to do the Prom so there is no reference. It is a Paranormal Prom and the month's event is about evil school girls. So, we are undecided about whether to dress up prom like in dressy attire with a bit of Halloween twist---cloaks, hats, etc., or do bad prom attire like the contest, or do some type of paranormal type guest. We are not into zombies, or ghoul or many of the insane ideas that come to mind with this theme.

This year we are doing a Conjurers Consortium. Hubby is really not much into Halloween, but this morning, he said he thought he would dress as a wizard to escort his witch to the prom. (I am always a witch, fortune teller or the like.) He surprised me because he usually grumbles about dressing up. I had given him the choice of wearing black slacks, shirt, tie and maybe a black cloak but he decided on the wizard. He has a killer wood staff that our late son made and wants to use that.

I have all kinds of wizard gowns, robes, etc. Some are cheesy with stars and moons, etc. He went through the things i have bought for props and said he liked this one. Here is a pic of him in it. Room Planking
Not really a prom look but like he said, I guess if you are going to a disturbed girls school for a prom anything goes. Summer spirits, conjurers, witches.

Will need to paint something on his face to make it more dark themed.

I am still toying with what I will wear. I have a sorceress looking costume and lots of witch things. I am leaning toward the long black dress and cloak I wore to one party last year and a hat with a peacock feather to give it a mystical look or maybe some Tarot cards on the hat or purse of something. Maybe hang a bag of Runes on the belt.

Open for suggestions. What would you do? I am just so excited that he offered to dress up. I just hope others do, too.
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Sounds like you and he have it planned quite well. If I were to attend, I think that my color choice would be a given by now:D
Your husband looks great in that outfit - very wizardly! I like the sound of your peacock feather hat - seems like if you have one, any opportunity to wear it should not be passed up. :)
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