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paper mache thickness question

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How thick can you build up paper mache (using paper towels and ~40% water & ~60% wood glue) in one sitting? I was working on my pumpkin head last night adding ribbing to the (thoroughly dry) plaster cloth base and made ribs about 2.5 inches wide and probably 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick. Too much at one time, or just be patient and let it completely dry?

What is the recommended thickness for one sitting with strip paper mache and paper mache clay?
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Hi DD..
I don't think there is a recommended thickness as such, but personally speaking I prefer to work gradually, applying two or three layers and letting it dry before adding more layers where necessary to build up detail.
Part of the reason being that mache and celluclay do tend to shrink somewhat during the drying process, plus a big wodge of wet mache is relatively heavy and can result in slippage and deformation of detail.
I'm sure other members would say otherwise, but thats just the way I prefer to work.
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