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paper mache thickness question

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How thick can you build up paper mache (using paper towels and ~40% water & ~60% wood glue) in one sitting? I was working on my pumpkin head last night adding ribbing to the (thoroughly dry) plaster cloth base and made ribs about 2.5 inches wide and probably 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick. Too much at one time, or just be patient and let it completely dry?

What is the recommended thickness for one sitting with strip paper mache and paper mache clay?
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A method I use in drying my mache is the old "E-Z Bake Oven" power source...a hundred watt bulb.

I have a clamp light (the aluminum reflector kind), with a simple light bulb in it, mounted on a stand, and just place it next to the mache - the heat works into the mache (through all the layers), and dries it relatively quickly.
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