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PaPer MaChe QuesTions

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This Year I wanted to try doing some paper mache props. The Questions I have are: What kind of paint does everyone use? I have looked at a lot of different Paper Mache tutorials and they talk about using a dry brush technique on the finished product, but never what type of paint is used.
Can someone help? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I always first paint my mache projects with a couple of coats of outdoor latex paint. If possible try to use a color you basically want the prop to be. Then use latex or acrylic craft paints for the dry-brush details. (I normally use the acrylics, since I have more colors of those.)
I guess acrylics are the best paint you can use
Dave in the Grave summed up perfectly anything that I would have said!
Great Thanks for the replies
These people seem to know what their doing.

I use acrylics because that's what I had left over after all of my art classes. And occassionally some tempera, but I am pretty sure that is water soluble.
Yep...acrylics all the way, Although Dave's suggestion of a base coat of exterior latex paint is a very good one. Acrylics are versatile enough that they can be thinned easily with water to create colour washes to help outline and create shading in low lying areas. Drybrushing with progressively lighter shades of the base colour over these can really help to add depth to a subject. Acrylics are also pretty durable and more or less waterproof when dry, although sealing the piece is still to be recommended if it is to be displayed outdoors.
I haven't done papier mache yet (hope to this year) but this is from Stolloween's site. He's a Papier Mache master!!

"Once the papier mache prop is completely dry, a coat of Spar Urethane is brushed onto all exposed surfaces. Spar Urethane is about $30 per gallon at home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. The yacht varnish or marine varnish that was used in "Waterproofing Papier Mache" article runs about $90 per gallon."

Stolloween: imagination + papier mache
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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