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Paper mache question.

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I am tring to do paper mache for the firs time and I was wondering how many layers need to be put on?
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What are you making? If your making a jack-o-lantern I put 7 layers on mine.

I am no expert but I have used it a few times.

I think it really depends on what you are making and what purpose it will be used for. When I made some pumpkins that were going to be cut open I think they had about 8 layers or so but other things that are staying solid I only put about 4 or 5 on.

Check out "Stolloween"'s site, what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing, the man is a genious when it comes to papiermache.

Thanks ya'll. A jack-o-lantern is what I'm making. I'm wanting to try and make a pumpkin rot scarecrow and this will be the head.
Check out the how-to on Spookyblue - Halloween Haunts, Props & Other Things of Varying Degrees of Interest
They provide detailed information on how they did their version of PunkinRot's scarecrow. I used the information provided on "The Moth Brothers" to make my small pumkins this year. It was my first try and they turned out amazing! Good luck! You will have a great time!
I used to use this stuff all the time as a kid. Use five or more layers. As many as you feel comfortable with. Just as long as it's stable at the ending result.
A single layer of celluclay or homemade paper mache clay, about 3/4 of an inch thick, needs no addition layers.

It's rock hard, too.

Stolloween usually puts down a few regular layers of paper mache before doing paper mache clay, but I've seen really sturdy pumpkins made with just one thick layer of clay alone.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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