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Paper mache grave

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I'm searching for a good looking, but, a beginner level grave with a torso, head and arm coming out. I will search in here, but, if anyone knows where to look, can you give me a hand? :D
I was trying to think of ways to make a grave and thought I would attempt to make one from cardboard boxes by shredding and soaking in water and doing paper mache, let dry and use some sandpaper or something to rough up the surface for a dirt effect. I would love to make a zombie coming out, but, not sure how to even start. I never did paper mache, so I'm a REAL beginner, lol
I am good at crafts and learn things quickly, so, I know I can do it, just need some direction. TIA:)
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Are you doing a grave and groundbreaker corpse outdoors in your yard? If so, I would skip the making a grave part and use real dirt, in a mounded fashion, in front of a tombstone of your choice.

Here is a beach towel grave that looks good to me otherwise: http://www.aidtopia.com/halloween/freshgrave/

Instructions at link.

Pink Cake Textile Linens Blanket

Grave Headstone Cemetery Grass Soil

Also, using chicken wire covered in burlap or black landscaping cloth could work.

Here is a good thread concerning groundbreakers.

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I'm making one inside my office at work.
Thank you SO much for the links. That is one creepy zombie!!!! I never thought of a towel! That's great!
I can use most of this inside too! We just had a storm and knocked a lot of pine needles and leaves down, so, I think I'm going to incorporate some into it as well for the real affect.
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