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paper clay teeth

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This goes out to anyone who has experience to sculpting teeth out of clay. I'm working with air dry paper clay, and quite frankly my teeth are turning out a bit on the crude side (and not in a desirable way). Could someone please lend me your expertise in the form of a tutorial?
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The best way I make my teeth is out of cold porcelain
It dries like stone. It is the color of teeth. You can make many teeth out of one batch.
You can make them sharp as you like. Easily sanded. Easily painted. They are better than clay.
In my opinion. And from experience. It's the best way and result.
Go onto YouTube. And type in cold porcelain. Glue. Corn starch/flour and lemon juice. Cheaper than anything you can buy.
You can also make zombie eyes out of it.
Go for it.
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Cold porcelain is air dry by the way.
I forgot to mention that.
Needs no kiln or oven to dry.
As witchy mama above says. Cold porcelain will give you the color and texture of real teeth.
You can also make fingernails too
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